Interpretation of "Sticker Of Building Decoration " product:
Light weight, shock resistance, high safety, flame retardant smokeless, excellent fire performance, superior chemical stability, self-cleaning, acid-resistant, durable, weather-resistant, longer-lasting, energy-saving, low-carbon, environmentally friendly, interior and exterior decoration The same applies, the potential to save space, the thickness is only one-third of the thickness of the wall tile, superior flexibility, superior peel strength and impact resistance, intelligent breathable, mildew-proof, anti-bacterial, waterproof, crack-resistant With high bonding strength, it can be directly used for retrofitting and energy-saving renovation of old walls. It is easy to construct and colorful, showing natural effects. It is the crystallization of building energy-saving insulation and decoration integrated system technology. The “floor decoration” technology products can be recycled. Restore the native matter for recycling or farming through logistics machinery to return to nature.
Interpretation of inorganic polymeric carbon fiber membrane technology:
The carbon fiber coating method and the temperature control modeling system are used to polymerize and shape the gel and mud sand powder, and the non-waveized shape is baked by the photothermal curve temperature control molding system. The inorganic material realizes the flexibility property of the organic material and retains the inorganic property. The technique for durability of materials is "inorganic polymeric carbon fiber membrane technology".
"Inorganic Polymerized Carbon Fiber Membrane Technology" can realistically express the natural texture and texture of materials such as stone, ceramic tile, wood, leather, woven fabric, Qingshui rock and handicrafts. The environmentally friendly flexible decorative surface material made by this technology can extend the expression of modern architectural decoration design infinitely.
All of the "inorganic polymeric carbon fiber membrane technology" you have envisioned can be achieved. This new material can make human work and living environment, etc., safer, warmer and more understanding.
Interpretation of the "OUNUO" logo:
The logo uses the pictographic expression as a whole, and uses the ingenious combination of the first letter “O and N” of “OUNUO” to evolve into the earth and erupt in the earth. (Blue represents the earth, meaning mystery and broad mind. Red represents the fiery sun, symbolizing the outstanding expressiveness and cohesiveness in the peers. It means that the enterprise has creative energy in the earth, and it has an extraordinary team spirit and a positive fighting spirit, and also reflects the characteristics of the industry.