In fujian,the north and to the new material technology co.,LTD.,under its technology co.,LTD.,fujian and fujian boediono paint can new material technology co.,LTD.In the materials of high-tech environmental protection industry as the main body, the internationlization of trade and integration of modern enterprises, sharing the company honor,intellectual property,technical personnel and research and development platform.

      Company based on low carbon energy saving building materials,functional building materials industry,the integration of international technology and talent resources, by means of high and new technology,energy conservation,environmental protection,excellent performance of polymer composite materials,research and development of new generation products,functional materials to meet stronger more environmentally friendly building materials,constrution quality,construction products function more complete,the product construction simpler all-round performance requirements.

    Company for its quality and always spare no effort to research and development,starting from the production,in strict accordance with ISO management system as the root of the enterprise production,products of various technical indicators meet the national standards,and surpass the national standards.

    In line with to the customer as the center,"excution efficiency,integrity,pragmatic,achievement customers,realize win-win" as the core values.Implementation of green building energy conservation and emissions reduction,environmental protection concept and create a new era for the industry are unique in the industry.

   With high quality products of the company system,perfect logistics distribution,advanced marketing training,field application of rapid response guidance team,excellent after-sales service comprehensive advantages such as all-round enterprise development strategic goal orientation and resource integration.

   The people look forward to working with you hand in hand to create briliant tomorrow.