The new energy-saving building materials are China's rising sun industry, facing a broad space for development, and will continue to grow at a rate of more than 30% each year. According to the Ministry of Construction, by 2020, the urban and rural housing construction area will increase by about 30 billion square meters. New buildings will strictly enforce mandatory energy-saving standards, and four municipalities will implement 65% energy-saving standards until the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”. 65% of energy efficiency standards are implemented nationwide. At the same time, the development of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly buildings and green buildings;--this taste, during the 12th Five-Year Plan, the annual demand for new building wall materials is 2 billion to 300 million square meters, among which, safety, decoration, energy saving, environmental protection Building materials with superior performance will be more competitive and will occupy a large part of the market.
  The new building energy-saving flexible wall material, which is made of inorganic polymerized carbon fiber membrane technology, is facing unprecedented development opportunities and development prospects. The Ou Nuo multi-functional building decoration has colorful colors; the lines are clear and bright, and the three-dimensional feeling is strong, and No light pollution, more energy-saving, in line with modern energy-saving and environmental protection trends. It can be widely used in interior and exterior wall decoration and decoration of single-family, townhouse, multi-storey, high-rise apartment buildings, office buildings, factories, schools and entertainment places, and is more suitable for new rural construction and old building renovation. Operating Ou Nuo Chuang Neng Building is not only to operate a product, but also to run a profitable and sustainable industry and the glory of Fuze's descendants!
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