1. It is a legally qualified business enterprise with contracted business; it has various certificates and licenses required for normal business operations, such as business licenses and tax registration certificates; it has abundant network resources and customer resources and has good social relations in the local area;
2. Former local distributors or manufacturers such as international brand coatings, stone, metal curtain wall and thermal insulation materials;
3. Years of experience in exterior wall construction and construction;
4. Have a strong sense of professionalism, responsibility and personal business reputation, and recognize the business philosophy of Onofrio. We are willing to cooperate with Onofrio Energy for a long time;
5. Recognize and be willing to implement the Ou Nuo Chuang Neng marketing concept and related market management policies, regulations, settlement policies, advertising and promotion programs, etc., with sufficient human support, can establish professional marketing, construction organizations and teams as required.
6. Actively cooperate with Onofrio's Chuangneng Company to carry out marketing, public halls and promotional activities in the distribution area;
7, with strong network construction and management capabilities, marketing capabilities, and a good sense of customer service.