Ounuo spirit : Technology innovation Sharing excellence.
Ounuo style: seeking truth and being pragmatic.
Ounuo values: seek common development with customers, seek common prosperity with employees, and create prosperity for society.
Quality Policy: Technology-driven, quality-oriented development.
Brand concept : Establish the banner of China's building materials industry.
Employing the concept: People-oriented, people and enterprises in one continuous line.
Customer Philosophy: Win-win cooperation and create a better future.
Marketing concept: Selling reputation first, then selling products.
Service concept : The promise of hand-shaking, the caring service.
Market concept: The speed of Gaojie means a kind of value, which reflects your sales return for every investment..
Competitive concept: harmony and symbiosis.
Management philosophy: management norms, enterprising innovation.
The concept of survival: always fighting, always standing on thin ice.
Ounuo mission: Introduce the world's advanced technology, management methods and business philosophy, promote enterprise modernization, specialization, intelligence and flexibility, and enable enterprises to enter the world economic arena.
Ounuo vision: Always pay attention to customer needs, create maximum value for customers, and become the most trusted long-term partner of customers.