The company has excellent professional engineers,color matching and technical staff,because the professional,product quality has always maintained a leading industry.Ounuo,difference of building materials,let us walk in the forefront of the industry,is your trusted partner!
  Ounuo has grown from a company with a large scale to a benchmark in the soft porcelain industry. After 20 years of wind and rain, it has created the only advantage of domestic soft porcelain:
1. Unique: Introducing floor decoration stickers (soft porcelain • soft stone) product technology production enterprises from developed countries
2. Unique: Floor decoration (soft porcelain • soft stone) product zero alkaloid
3. Unique: Floor decoration (soft porcelain • soft stone) product water absorption rate ≤ 1%
4. Unique: Can produce Tongxin body flexible granite system products
5. Unique: Can produce flexible ecological natural wood similarity of 98%